LaserTV Screens

The special screen makes the difference
A special projection screen is an essential part of a laser TV.

Here we distinguish between two different types of screen fabric.

CLR and Fresnel.


A CLR fabric reflects almost exclusively the projection light to the viewer and shields the stray light from the ceiling. This is done by horizontal grooves embedded in the projection surface, which realize the redirection and at the same time the shielding from above. The CLR screen is available as a frame screen, as well as a roll screen from above and below.

Advantages of a CLR screen:

  • Improved contrast due to gray coloring
  • Matt material without play
  • Almost unrestricted viewing angle from the side
  • Available in many bld sizes and designs


  • At 0.6 gain, the CLR swallows light but significantly improves black in the image
  • Not washable


A Fresnel cloth has a horseshoe-shaped contrast enhancement incorporated by a mix of 8 superimposed layers of different materials, which directs the projection light from below to the viewer with a very high light output while shielding stray light from the side and above. This is really high-tech, what is used here!

Advantages of a Fresnel Screen:

  • Very high contrast of 1.3 gain
  • Shielding of stray light of 180°.
  • Hardly any reflection
  • Surface washable


  • Lateral viewing somewhat limited
  • Only available as 100″ version

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