Jörg Michels


Fulfilled his own dream and already founded the first location in Bernkastel-Kues in 2005. From the beginning, the goal was to offer the customer his dream cinema as a turnkey solution. To this end, he was always on the lookout for reliable technology and solution modules, such as lighting and control systems. His special passion is home theater construction. He designs your home theater in 3D on the Mac and makes sure that your dreams become reality. 

Thomas Löwe

Programming | Installation

There are no technical problems, there are only solutions. And for craftsmanship solutions Tom stands in our company. Whether programming controls, installing complex home theaters, or service, you will always get help here. He is RTI, Control 4, KNX and Pronto programmer and realizes for you playfully easy to use home theater systems. To conjure up user-friendly solutions with complex technology is his daily incentive.

In addition, he is our installation team leader and also draws the construction plans for our cinemas.

Stefan Monshausen

Installer | Service

Stefan is the specialist on site. Whether building a movie theater or installing a home theater system in a living room, Stefan is the all-rounder who can handle any trade. So he not only masters the technology to be installed, but also carpenters, lays carpet and covers complete walls with fabric. 

Kevin Niesen

Installer | Service

Like Stefan, Kevin is a member of the installation team. Together with Stefan, he conjures up the most beautiful home theaters for our customers.
But also in the service he is welcome to visit customers on site. He fixes errors or installs the one or other upgrade.

Jeannot Schmitz

Planning | Sound calibration

Jeannot is our specialist for good sound.

As a trained musician he has the best ears in our team and is especially in the field of sound calibration our specialist.

In addition, he is entrusted with the planning of customer projects and develops complete room concepts including 3D visualizations with our customers.

Sandra Löwe

Accounting | Organization

Is the good soul in our team who usually greets you on the phone. She is responsible in the internal structure, for example, for the procurement of goods and ensures that everything always arrives on time, so that the Jung’s can also install on time. She also likes to plan our internal cinema evenings, because she is also enthusiastic about the big screen experience.