Sony XW series back in our exhibition

Sony XW-Serie

Make an appointment now and experience the high-end projectors of the Sony XW series, the XW5000ES and the XW7000ES live in our exhibition!

Finally we can show you the native 4K projectors from Sony in our showroom again. We have exhibited the Sony VPL XW5000ES in the living room cinema, where it stands in direct comparison to top devices such as the Epson LS12000B or the BenQ W4000i.

The bigger brother is of course in our optimized cinema room. Here you can experience the Sony VPL XW7000ES in direct comparison to the JVC NZ7, our dedicated cinema room also offers a 4m wide acoustically transparent screen, Krix sound system and a Trinnov pre- and power amplifier.

Sony XW series finally stable again?!

In the past, we have had severe problems with many Sony devices in the VW series, some of which had a loss of contrast and the picture lost its black level in particular, while others seem to remain stable over a long period of time. And despite all the assurances, Sony has not managed to get the problem under control permanently.

This was not acceptable for us and our customers in this price range, so we stopped actively selling Sony devices. However, Sony has apparently learned from the mistakes of the VW series and has come up with a convincing new panel.

We recommend the following video if you would like to find out more about this topic:

Completely revised panel technology

So the new XW series uses a completely redesigned panel, but is it stable in the long term? Fortunately, Sony has already used this new generation in its GTZ380 ultra high-end projector. Fortunately, because the GTZ380 will be three years old at the end of this year and has therefore reached an age at which long-term results can be determined. We had a 3-year-old GTZ380 from a customer for testing in our showroom and the projector actually showed no losses!

That’s why we decided to bring Sony’s high-end products back into the demonstration and we’re very happy about it. Sony has a unique and individual image and without the native 4K projectors, the exhibition didn’t feel quite complete. At last, the NZ7 has an equal competitor in the Matrix, make an appointment and experience Sony’s XW series in our exhibition!

We look forward to hearing from you and to your visit!

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