The projector is the magic box that conjures the cinema experience on the screen!

It is the most important element, but also the most extensive in the distinction among themselves.

There are different projection technologies, (DLP, LCD, D-ila, SXRD) as well as significant differences in the features of the various projector models.

The differences mainly concern the installation flexibility, resolution (native 4K, 4K E-shift), light output, black level, light source (laser or UHP lamp), included image enhancements, 3D projection. Of course, the projectors here come in a wide variety of price groups. We also distinguish here between projectors that are suitable for the living room and for dedicated home theaters.

Therefore, there is not the perfect projector, but only the perfect projector for your project. We therefore always advise project specific to the planned location and purpose!

We carry the following projector manufacturers in our range:

We have a diverse selection of different projectors in our exhibition in direct comparison!

Therefore, please feel free to arrange a personal consultation appointment in our showroom.

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