Large screen projection from the shortest distance

Time and again, customers come to us looking to replace their TV with a new larger model. But even the biggest TV is a postage stamp for us, because we live home cinema!

Therefore, we are glad to be able to offer exactly these customers a perfect solution with Laser TV.

A Laser TV is a short distance projector positioned on a piece of furniture directly in front of a special CLR screen. The experience is a cinema image up to 150″ (3,3m image width). In most cases we realize 100″ (2,27m BB) or 120″ (2,66m BB) Laser TV solutions.

A Laser TV also includes a speaker system and various reception technologies such as apps (e.g. Netflix) but there are even models that have a TV receiver (satellite/cable/terrestrial) integrated and can even decode pay TV channels using a CI module.

You can connect an external multi-channel system and various external image sources (Post TV, PS5…). So in principle a laser TV is to be used like a classical TV, but with much larger picture.

However, the range of features of different laser TV models is very different.

We have models of the following manufacturers in our assortment:

LG, Vava, Optoma, Hisense.

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