Cinema Control

RTI Steuerung

Easy control of the entire cinema system is an important part of our planning.

Who does not know the struggle with 5 different remote controls.

Here we have different solution modules ready for you.

This can be an easy to use system remote control, which controls the entire cinema system from the seat with only one push of a button, up to a complete house control, where you can also control your house from on the way and see who is just standing in front of your front door and ringing the bell.

Here, of course, a precise needs analysis is carried out during our consultation appointments.

You will be surprised which individual linking possibilities are possible nowadays. This also as an extension to existing Smart Home solutions. Perhaps you already have a KNX bus system in your house, which we can expand in terms of multimedia.

We work with control systems from Control 4, RTI, ProControl, KNX.

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