First-class sound is of course part of a cinema experience.

Many people are not aware that this can be better at home than in any public cinema.

But a visit to the theater in your own four walls is also possible!

Hardly anyone associates this with a home theater.

So it must be said, the sound makes the music and the speakers bring this into the home rooms.

In the cinema, a distinction is made between different multi-channel speaker constellations to create the most realistic surround sound possible.

The multi-channel cinema sound is encoded with the film recording and can be decoded at your home.

Currently, up to 11 speaker and 2 subwoofer channels are encoded in the Dolby, DTS and Aurum sound systems and can be decoded by the AV receivers and distributed to the individual speakers.

All speaker systems in our range can be expanded as multi-channel.

We will be happy to advise you on which speaker setup makes the most sense for your solution.

In a listening test, in one of our extensively equipped loudspeaker comparison rooms, you can then decide which loudspeaker fits your project sonically and optically.

We carry the following loudspeaker manufacturers in our range:

Ascendo, Dali, Monitor Audio, Quadral, Swans, Krix, Corned Audio, Ceratec, Cerasonar, Triad, Garvan, Vivaldy.

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