Hisense PX3 and Awol 3500 Vision LTV-3500 Pro arrived!

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Compare 4 different laser TV models from Epson, Awol, LG and Hisense in our optimised showrooms. We will advise you on this topic and explain the strengths and weaknesses of individual laser TVs.

Now we have also received the latest successor from the successful manufacturer Hisense, the Hisense PX3, which shines with a higher light output and new features. We have also added a completely new LaserTV manufacturer to our demo exhibition and thus to our portfolio. We already became aware of the Chinese manufacturer Awol at the IFA in Berlin in 2023, whose products also stand out with their very high light output.

Hisense PX3 and AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro

The Hisense PX3 is a laser projector with a 4K e-shift resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and RGB Trichroma technology. With the unique Trichroma laser technology, the RGB primary colours are generated using separate lasers, resulting in outstanding colour reproduction. The highest colour space standard of Hisense Laser TVs achieves up to 110 percent of the BT2020 colour space. The large projection surface of 90 to 120 inches guarantees gripping entertainment. Even sharper contrasts thanks to HDR10 and Dynamic Tone Mapping ensure brilliant visualisation even with very dark or very bright content.

The Awol LTV-3500 pro is the ideal option for optimising your home entertainment. With a brightness of 3500 lumens, images between 80 and 150 inches can also be projected here. A special feature of this projector is the option to enjoy 3D films with additional glasses. In turbo mode, input lag is minimised to ensure a smooth gaming experience and allow you to explore open worlds. The perfect addition to your cinema experience at home.

We have already tested both LaserTVs on our YouTube channel, the videos are attached:

IFA 2023: AWOL, ChiQ und XGIMI überraschen mit tollen LaserTVs und Beamern…
Laser TV MEILENSTEIN?! – Hisense PX3 4K Triple Laser TV im ausführlichen Test

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