Contrast MasterTuning finally available again!

contrast mastertuning

Maximum contrast and best picture quality thanks to projector tuning and customised calibration

Homecinema has stood for exclusive picture and sound quality in the home cinema for almost 20 years. That is why we have always focussed on high-end components and are always on the lookout for new partners and new product innovations. Last summer we became a partner of the new AV group AVITECTEN, thanks to the co-operation between AVITECT® and Cine4Home we can finally present the tuning filters.

We make the projectors even better with tuning!

Even the best AV components are often not perfect ex works. A lot can be improved by correct calibration, but we go one step further. The colours and the maximum black level are calibrated using filter tuning. Tuning has been around for 15 years, you can find out more about the history here.

Classic calibration? We go one step further…

Despite new technologies, correct colours and a good black level are still neglected in projectors in favour of brightness. In this article, we will show you how tuning works and which image enhancements are possible as a result.

Dynamic mode – The brightest Beamer mode

If you want to utilise the maximum brightness of the projector, switch it to dynamic mode. All of the projector’s light reserves are fully utilised here and the contrast also reaches its maximum performance. However, the problem here is that there is an excess of light, especially in the green colours. This distorts the colours and gives them a green cast. There is no enjoyment or experience to be had with the colours. The sole purpose of this mode is to enable manufacturers to achieve impressive values in the data sheets.

Classic calibration – less bright, but perfectly adjusted

To enable the projector to reproduce the colours correctly, the excess from the dynamic mode must be removed. This leads to a reduction in brightness and contrast. A device that is properly calibrated will ultimately look very good. More and more manufacturers have now decided to calibrate the devices from the outset. Homecinema naturally offers professional calibration at this point. The advantage of professional calibration is that you can store customised presets and settings.

The Contrast MasterTuning – dynamic mode with glass filter

Our glass filters are made of aluminium and highly anti-reflective glass. The filters are either attached to the lens of the projectors or clamped into the chassis, depending on their shape. We use the projector for master tuning in bright dynamic mode. But we don’t correct the excess green digitally, we correct it physically using the filter. We eliminate the excess green with a special glass tint. The filter absorbs approximately the same light as the calibration. This means that a MasterTuning projector ends up with the same brightness as a conventionally calibrated projector. However, the filter not only corrects the excess green, but also the entire spectrum up to the black level.

The result – better black levels, contrast & colours

Normal calibration cannot improve the black level of the projector. However, MasterTuning leads to a visible improvement in the black level of up to 30%. At this point, we recommend experiencing the tuning live. Simply make an appointment by telephone or via the contact form. As a tuned device not only has a better black level, but is still as bright as a calibrated device, we also increase the contrast. At and AVITECT®, every device is unpacked and checked for faults in order to optimise it. The projector is then measured and the appropriate filter tone is selected. The projector is then “married” to the filter. During this process, the projector is calibrated to the filter. In this context, various modes are of course adapted for different applications.

We have already published several videos about Contrast MasterTuning on our YouTube channel:

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Please make an appointment and experience the Contrast MasterTuning live in our optimised showrooms.

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