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Bring the EM atmosphere into your home with our home cinema bundles

A large image attracts viewers – almost as if you were there live in the stadium. The larger the diagonal of the picture, the more intense the experience. You can see every detail of the game perfectly and feel the excitement and emotions of the players up close. Good picture quality is particularly important at sporting events such as the European Football Championships. A picture that is large, sharp and bright ensures that important moments are not missed. Laser TVs are particularly suitable here, as they produce a sharp picture even in daylight.

With the right choice of laser TV and screen, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable summer of football. Perfect picture and sound quality ensure that the excitement and enthusiasm of EURO 2024 can be felt in every living room.

Our EM Bundles!

Bundle 1: Gigablue & Elitescreens Blackfire CLR3

The Gigablue Laser TV impresses with its genuine RGB laser technology and high light output of 3000 lumens. This provides particularly intense colours and excellent brightness even in bright rooms. This makes it possible for all viewers to watch the game in brilliant quality regardless of the lighting conditions in the room. The Gigablue Home Cinema 3 not only has first-class picture quality, but also a powerful sound system that creates an atmospheric stadium ambience. It also has an intelligent operating system that allows you to follow the European Championship matches directly via streaming services.

Bundle 2: Hisense PX3 & Elitescreens Blackfire CLR3

The Hisense PX3 is combined with the Elitescreens Blackfire CLR3 screen in our second bundle. This combination offers an excellent viewing experience and is ideal for the needs of the European Football Championship. Modern technology and a light output of 2800 lumens ensure good image quality even in brightly lit rooms. It uses RGB laser technology to produce intense and vivid colours. The excellent sharpness and attention to detail ensure that every match situation is presented with pin-sharp detail.

Bundle 3: LG VIVO Max & Elitescreens Blackfire CLR3

The LG VIVO Max and the Elitescreens Blackfire CLR3 screen are included in our third bundle for EURO 2024. This mix provides a unique viewing experience and is perfect for the European Football Championship. The LG VIVO Max is characterised by its impressive light output of 3700 lumens. The advanced laser phosphor technology and high brightness ensure vivid colours and excellent picture quality, even in bright rooms. Due to the remarkable sharpness and detail of the LG VIVO Max, every game is displayed in its entirety.

The right screen for laser TV

The CLR (Ceiling Light Rejection) screen was developed to block out ambient light and only reflect the light from the projector. This ensures that the image appears clear and crisp even in daylight. The Blackfire CLR3 screen is ideal for bright ultra-short throw projectors (laser TVs). It offers a high-quality viewing experience without the need to darken the room.

HEIMKINO EM SCHNÄPPCHEN – Die 3 besten Laser TVs für die EURO 2024!

You can of course also make an appointment in advance and experience the bundles in optimised showrooms. The offers are available at all AVITECTS, a list of AVITECT studios can be found under this link.

The combination of laser TV and CLR screen has obvious advantages: vibrant colours, high brightness and excellent sharpness. With this technology, the game can be experienced in the best quality with friends and family without having to darken the room. Now is the perfect time to make a long-term home cinema investment. Seize the opportunity and prepare for EURO 2024 in the best possible way. Contact us now and get one of our attractive packages. Experience the EURO 2024 in a way that has never been seen before – with an impressive picture and fantastic sound!

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