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Ascendo Immersive Audio

Ascendo Immersive Audio develops and produces active and passive loudspeakers and subwoofers for dedicated home cinemas and high-quality living room cinemas. The focus is on the realistic and lifelike reproduction of the three-dimensional sound world. Not only three-dimensional reproduction, but also speech intelligibility, dynamics and precision are part of the perfect experience and thus also of Ascendo’s sound philosophy.

The first contact with Ascendo Immersive Audio

We were already familiar with the manufacturer and were very curious about the first contact. We were then able to experience the speakers for the first time at ISE 2023 in Barcelona. The current range was demonstrated there and we were quickly overwhelmed by the performance and sound. We particularly liked the passion behind this development and the transparency of the manufacturer’s approach. Geoffrey Heinzel was kind enough to give us a tour of the ISE 2023 demo stand in front of the camera:

Immediately after ISE 2023, we launched our collaboration and partnership with Ascendo Immersive Audio and added it to our exhibition and portfolio. Make an appointment to experience the speakers in acoustically optimised rooms. An overview of the products we carry can be found here: ASCENDO PRODUCTS

Experience Ascendo at

As a home cinema fan, you should have heard these speakers! Whether stereo or 3D sound, you wouldn’t believe the dynamics that these very compact speakers can reproduce. In contrast to most speaker manufacturers, the speakers can also be used in smaller rooms and realise a decent 3D sound. The speakers can also be tested against other speakers in direct comparison in our showrooms.

ASCENDO offers a very wide range of active and passive loudspeakers that are suitable for all room sizes and almost any budget. The subwoofers, for example, start at 18 inches and reach a maximum size of a whopping 80! inches. In our exhibition, we have realised a 5.1 set-up with Ascendo speakers in the living room and projector comparison. We used five speakers from the “The 6” series with “The 12” as an active subwoofer and the larger “The 10” as a stereo speaker for testing and trial listening.

Make an appointment and experience absolute signal fidelity, breathtakingly realistic speech accuracy and an enormously fast, controlled and abysmal bass reproduction. In our opinion, there are no other speakers that can reproduce such a dynamic range in such a compact and flat design.

The special features of Ascendo Immersive Audio

Ascendo comes from the high-end sector and specialises in point sound sources. This means that the tweeter is positioned in the centre of the bass-midrange driver. This means that the entire frequency spectrum of the loudspeaker comes bundled from this sound source. This has various advantages, especially in cinemas with several seats, and makes it easier for us to achieve an immersive sound experience for several seating positions.

Ascendo is known for its high efficiency, which makes it much more suitable for use in a cinema than a hi-fi loudspeaker, as very high dynamic jumps are often the rule in films. There are different speaker sizes from 5″ to 15″ for different performance requirements and room sizes. This means that we as installers are very flexible and can always achieve our acoustic goals with Ascendo.

Thanks to the compact design of the speakers, we can aim for the best possible placement without wasting space unnecessarily. The compact design of the speakers also makes wall mounting in our cinema solutions easier. Angled models or in-ceiling speakers as point sound sources are also available. As already mentioned above, Ascendo also offers a very wide range for the sound foundation. It starts with 12″ and ends with 85″ subwoofers, partly active, but also passive for external amplifier feed.

Ascendo has several cinema sound lines with different classifications in its range. While the standard series from The 5 passive to The 12 passive already represent above-average performance in terms of sound and material quality, there are two further series for high-end.

The Pro series (The 12 PRO passive – The 15 PRO passive) and the top Beryllium Passive series (The 12 BE Pro Passive – The 15 Be Pro Passive) significantly increase the sound fidelity once again, as the best material available on the market is used in the drivers.

Further collaboration with ASCENDO Immersive Audio

We are very excited to be working with Ascendo Immersive Audio and look forward to realising more projects with them in the future. The transparency behind the development and the passion with which everyone behind the team at Ascendo proceeds positively surprised us and continues to surprise us today. At ISE 2024, we were of course back at Ascendo to show you the latest developments and products from Ascendo.

We can realise proper 3D sound in any room with the loudspeakers. If you have a room available and want to realise your dream of having your own cinema or want to upgrade the sound in your living room, then make an appointment and we will be happy to advise, plan and install for you.

We look forward to hearing from you and to your visit!

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